smc kit install

Turbo Brian

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May 24, 2001
in the instructions for the smc kit, it says to use some jb weld if the nozzle assembly is loose after installation. mine is nice and tight so i didnt use any. the hole it went into wasnt pertfectly round (had to slightly enlarge it) so there may be some space in there. would it still be a good idea to put some on anyway to seal up the edges?
I didn't use anything. Maybe putting some putty or playdough around it then taking it for a test run to see if it blows off around the fitting...........that would indicate if it had any leaks or not. Just a thought.
Use the JB weld

Use the JB weld. I thought mine was good without it too. Then i put some on and without being 100% dry i took the car out for a spin. Popped the hood and the JB weld was blown off. Then I put more on let it get almost dry. Fired up the car and did a brake torque to build a little boost while my buddy watched the JB weld blow off to confirm the leak. Then I did it the right way, let it dry. Now I am leak free and the car is running smooth at 24psi:D

Slow 87
Use some kind of sealant. Cheap insurance. At the very least it will prevent unmetered air from entering there, at the worst it will stop dust from getting to your piston rings...why take a chance :)