smc pump change


Oct 2, 2011
Hey guys my smc alky pump sprung a leak and I got a replacement from alky control. I put it on this evening and my spray indicator light and the low level wont work. The pump is spraying when it gets up to boost setpoint. Any ideas what may be the problem. I know the pump is spraying because i put the spray line in a cup and stalled the car up and watched spray into the cup. Any suggestions thanks in advance.
Could you be more specific? There are several styles of SMC kits. Mine being one of early/oval tank/pump in tank units. Mark.
Most likely the switch for the spray light is built into the pump. Razor's replacement pump has the pressure switch built into the top, the two white wires. Issue is, his pump switch is normally closed, while I know the old SMC kit used a normally open Hobbs type switch. So you may have to install a different type of Hobbs switch on the pressure side of the pump. Not sure why the float level isn't working.
I tend to agree with williamsGN. My Hobbs switch is normally open,also. Mark.
If there was a hobbs switch used, no need to take it out? These pumps come with a switch, if its not being used.. The low level should have zero to do with any of this.

So if the old SMC pump had 2 wires on it, and you only use the red/black wires on the replacement.. there should be no change o_O