So dry land ISN'T a myth....


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May 28, 2003
Hey guys... been out floating around catching airplanes for the last few weeks... We're in port for a few days... Our ship's LAN has been down for the count pretty regularly, so little to no internet for us.... should be better next time though...

Anyways... Got a chance to drive the GN a little bit so far and I think I've figured out where some of my "squeekiness" is coming from. I noticed it sounds as if you're rubbing metal on metal.... and I only hear it while in drive and accellerating or just getting off the throttle... so I'm guessing it's my universals. Regardless, I'm pretty sure they've never been changed and are 21 years old :eek:. Anyone know of any place out here that does driveshafts? I'm just going to pull it and take it somewhere.

Glad to be back....for a few days at least... anything going on this weekend?

Automatic Specialties 498-0133 tell them I sent you. On London Bridge road.

thanks for the reference. awesome place! Had things back together in no time and worked perfect.

Fixed my clanking noise, but I'm still hearing strange squeeking. I think we should all pile in and go for a ride and play, "Name that noise". It's driving me nuts....