So I am an idiot....

Steve V

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Jan 5, 2004
:mad: Today at work I swapped my PTC for my 9X11 just trying to figure which one I like better(both are great TC's) I also installed CK's new plate that delete's two checkballs. I already have an older kit in the trans. Button it up set the fluid and take a co worker for a ride. I noticed the trans was shifting a little soft,but still ok. I figure a few more TV klicks and it will be ok. So before I pull it over and check it out I stop and nail it. Then go back to see my tire marks and do it again. :biggrin:

Now I go over over to the bodyshop and pop the hood and the TV cable is OFF:mad: So I just toasted the trans. Hook it up drive it to the shop(1/4 mile) and pull the stick....burnt...:eek: oh well looks like I am rebuilding it. I decided to flushs it since the machine was free and that would get most of the nasty fluid out before I open it up Friday. I had to drive it home...15 miles or so.

Funny thing is the trans still shifts great,the band is not slipping. I beat on it 4-5 times and I can't tell if it's slipping. I figured it would be flaring it's ass off by now. I thought one good slip on the band( I did 2) and it was done. It's an alto wide band. I know forward clutch and the band have to be crispy. I never felt it shift but I bet it did(when I was burning out with no TV)

So yeah I am in idiot gonna order up some clutches and a band and freshen her up.:wink:
How did the tv cable pop off? Was it too tight?

Oh yeah, which converter did you prefer?

It did not pop off,I left it off. That's why I am an idiot.:cool:

We are slow again today,so out it came and apart it is. Direct clutch is smoked,it's not dual feed because I don't have a billet drum. Forward clutch looks good,the pump is fine OD a little hot and the band is not too bad. I will get pics Monday and post them up.