Soft 2-3 and 3-4 shifts


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May 24, 2001
Soft 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts

I need some things to look for on my tranny. I have done a search but there seems to be a lot of different symptoms with these things and I don’t know if mine fits into anything similar. I changed fluid/filter in it about 1500 miles ago and it worked great. Lately the 1-2, 2-3 and the 3-4 shifts seem to be getting softer (slipping?) so I re-adjusted the TV cable but it was correct to begin with. So I added another click and it helped a little (yep, it raised the shift rpm) and I drove it this way for a few months but the shifts started getting really soft again. It’s been sitting for 4 months now so I pulled the pan and I expected to see the fluid all burned from the clutches slipping but the fluid was still bright red but there was a fair amount of “clutch dust” that was sitting in the pan but no chunks of anything. I got a hold of the previous owner and he said that it was rebuilt before he got it, around 10k miles ago, by a tranny shop, but didn’t know which one. The v-body has the pink paint all over it but that is all I can tell about it. The tranny tag is missing:(

I am hoping that the “Dust” is plugging up the filter (doubtful) so I’m going to try this but is there something else that I can check? I know nothing about trannies but if someone will guide me to what to look at I’ll figure it out.
If all else fails I will be looking for a different BRF tranny this spring.

Thanks for any input.

ps. I also want to try and verify that the internals are the proper GN internals but that can be a different thread.
If I can't find anything obviously wrong and replacing the filter doesn't fix it then I will prolly do just that. I see that Bruce has a kit. Is there any instructions on how to perform the test? I didn't see anything on GNTTYPE.ORG.

Thanks Jim
Hi Bruce,
I'm not sure yet. I guess the biggest question is, is there anything that I should check before putting in a new filter and trying it again? V-body need cleaning or...???

Does it sound like it is just a plugged filter to you or does it sound like something else is wrong? While I have it apart I am going to verify that it has the correct governor and servo.

We are suppose to be getting 6"-8" of snow over the next day or two so I won't be doing anything to it for a while..:(

Thanks again.
Ok, I just checked to see what governor was in the trans and it is the correct TR governor...whew..

I also opened up the filter. Still very clean on the inside.

Soooo.... The next thing that I will do is clean the v-body then put it back together. Does anybody have anything else that I should check before I reassemble it?

Whoo Hoo..

I found the BRF tranny tag. It was on the tail shaft, passenger side..:D

KEVINS, so hows ur car shifting now? Did you fix the soft shift problem?
Not yet..:( It's been too cold out. I need to get a filter and a gasket for the govenor then put it back together. It's suppose to warm up a little this weekend so I hope to try it out.

I'll keep ya posted..:


I had Dave Barnes in Omaha NE rebuild my tranny and I picked the trans up yesterday and got it done today.. WORKS PERFECT!!!!


His PH# is on my Tech Page if anybody is interested:D:D:D:D:D:D

Email me if you want more details, wink, wink...;)