some parts have to go


Sep 23, 2011
Needing to clear some space for the build, and more importantly I need to add some funds to the "save a Regal" account to keep the project alive. So I'm posting some parts I have for sale in other forums.

This is a mix of parts, my car was a '82 3.8 N/A car so the stock parts are from that car unless stated. I also will be including some extra parts from my Ls swap.
I'll include a few pic's if there is anything else you want to see let me know i can post here or email.

prices do not include shipping or fees, but they are not set in stone either so feel free to make offers.

Lakewood 20149 adjustable control arms. New out of box missing hardware $165
jounce bars 2 pr $35 ea
radiator core cross braces 2 pr $20 ea
'84-'87 chrome tail lights $ SOLD

Next is a list of Ls parts

LY6 oil pan, baffle, windage tray, and pick up tube $50
Gen III truck water pump w/tensioner $55
Ls1 crank pulley $ SOLD
truck crank pulley $25
Ls6 oil pump low 5k mile $50
auto meter phantom 2 1/16" boost gauge p/n 5703 $35 Excellent condition

Now stock parts I don't know what if anything converts to a turbo car.

Th350 transmission w/torque convertor BOP $200
Th350 crosmember $50
Gas tank complete (carb) $50
1981-83 header panel bare $150

cylinder heads $45
valve covers $30 - yellow and red module SOLD $30 FOR COVERS
fuel pump $15
air pump $20
power steering pump and mount $40
starter $20

Thanks for looking


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Tell me about the THM350 please
Trans tag ID
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