Some stock, some upgraded parts.


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Mar 17, 2014
This is my first sell off of stuff I can't use on my build. If I'm off on prices please let me know. Prices don't include shipping. PayPal only, Friends and family or buyer covers fees.

Stock valve covers powder coated black- $125

Stock turbo, minimal shaft play, Keith at NCTurbos agreed with me it was rebuilt and my car hasn't ran in almost 15 years so it can't have many miles on it. Has adjustable wastegate and the cover has been powder coated and match ported to the inlet bell. - $225

Dutt necked stock intercooler, - $100

Stock intercooler shroud, painted. Screen is missing and the bottom came out of one of the rivets - $40

Stock up pipe powder coated - $90

Stock accessory bracket, has been blasted (could have done a better job but looks 1000% better than it did. - $50

3-Inch down pipe for stock style exhaust housing, Calico coated with wide-band bung welded in. Not sure of brand - $250

Clean intercooler fan with powder coated hub installed. -$75

Intercooler fan to hub mount - $25

stock intercooler brackets all powder coated have two of the "L" brakcets available and one of the others. - $50 EACH

COMP roller lifters-Comp-853's These are brand new but old. They were going into a NCTurbos build that a customer changed his mind. They sat for years and somewhere along the line lost the internals of one of the lifters. The snap ring and plunger are still there but the guts are MIA. Some of them have a little surface rust from sitting in the shop for so long but can be cleaned up with some scotch-brite I'm sure. Good for spares - $225


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More pics that didn't fit in OP


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Shroud is sold. I'm trying to edit the original post but can't for the life of me find the "edit" button lol.
Lifters, Dutt neck intercooler, accessory bracket, one complete set of intercooler brackets, sold. Up pipe is pending.