SP/FAST fan wiring


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Jun 20, 2001
I have just begun installing SP/FAST on my Syclone.

From what I have heard there is a pinout for fan control on the ECU.

Can somebody tell me which connector, what pin # and what Amp female connector I need to hook this up?

Lastly, I'll be running dual fans & a relay for each. Will the fan circuit support 2 relays?

The fan wires should be clearly labeled on the harness (the system did come with a harness, right?).

If you have a sequential system (as opposed to bank-to-bank), no fan control is available.

Yes, the ECU can ground two relays at the same time. (Glad to hear you're not trying to run the fans directly through the ECU w/o a relay like others have done!!!). Remember, you're only grounding the "trigger" side of the relay...

I have the pinouts somewhere, but why do you need them? The fan wires should be marked on the harness. If you didn't get a harness (???) then you must have a complete list of pinouts somewhere, right? Otherwise I don't understand how you'd be hooking this thing up.
Electric fans were not std. issue for production Sy's, therefore, the wiring harness that came with the unit is not wired for it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Pin R3 on the ECU connector is the fan output wire. Like Bob said, you will only have fan control if your ECU is a bank to bank system.

The Packard part number for the pins in the ECU connector is 12103881-L. With the exception of the WBO2 connector and the DB-9 connector that plugs into your laptop, all the connectors in the harness are Packard connectors.

Craig, thanks for the assist.

Yes, my system is bank to bank.

Now my next nubee question is; Which connector is the ECU connector?
The ECU connector is the one that connects to the ECU itself - you know, the dual connector with the screws in it. If you look carefully at the connector, you will see that the rows and columns are marked on the connector itself. Should be able to find R3 real easily.