spark plug gap

I'm using Denso "iridium" plugs that are factory gapped at .040 and I am using at the factory setting. According to Denso the iridiums take approx. half the voltage to fire as standard plugs and withstands heat well.

I am running 12/14 psi of boost thou with pump gas and the car has run 10.80's with the working air off. :) So it's making some power and the car has not missed yet with that wide of a gap. If I were to push the boost up to the low 20's I would close the gap to .035/.032 to start off with to be safe. Car runs clean on the street with the TT street chip.

At that low of boost I doubt you will see an issue with an .040 gap but I would not push it.
I might play around with it but my down pipe is only a foot and a half long so I can see just by looking at the pipe how clean its running.