Speed Sensor for TH400

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I'm setting up a sensor to give me driveshaft speed in my datalogs.
I'm running a TH400 transmission and since output shaft speed is the same as driveshaft speed I'm simply going to install a reluctor on the output shaft of the transmission and plug an electronic speed sensor in where the speedo housing normally is.
This GM sensor is a two wire sensor.

If anyone is in need of installing an electronic speed sensor on a TH400, these are the GM part numbers.

Sensor 8655315
Reluctor 8655291
Connector 12085498
are these oe parts off of a 4L80E ?
No. The 4L80E has a smaller output speed sensor that senses a reluctor attached to the rear planetary carrier.
From what I understand, these parts were available on TH400s used in truck applications before the TH400 was phased out.