Speedpro WBO2 doesn't work...


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May 26, 2001
We've got a bank to bank wideband speedpro for ford tfi... it was in a mustang last year and everything was working fine... the nitrous control hardware got damaged and the box was sent back in for repair and new firmware... today we fired the car up and it doesn't display the little o2 icon at the top plus the "actual a/f" reads 0.0... but i see voltages for the various UEGO sensors... i have two theories: a) the firmware that got put on the box isn't wideband compatible... b) the new firmware isn't calibrated to o2 sensor and we need the calibration disk thingy...

any ideas?

is there any way this can be solved through software downloads from the laptop... i really can't afford to have the computer out of the car for long...

It sounds like you have to reinstall the options disk. Did you get one of these??? If not call Speed Pro, or I guess FAST now, or your dealer give them your program number offf your software and they should be able to send you an option disk.