Bench Racing Hater
Aug 7, 2003
I was wondering if anyone is sponsored by anyone, or know how to go about getting sponsored by people. I am meaning just discounts and stuff, not all out stickered up. Poor college kid needs as much help as he can get! TIA
Adam Rohrbach
Adam, if someone asked you for money to build or support a racing project, what questions would you ask? I think the first one is what is my return on investment. If you think along those lines then you might be more successful in your efforts. For example in top fuel, Baca runs his dragster with American Racing Wheels as the flagship sponsor. To do this Baca became a distributor of American Racing Wheels and created a staff to sell wheels to the large outlets! Some of the large sponsors want a 5 (or more) return on every dollar invested.
Be creative and think outside the box and you will be able to get sponsors. Just remember to think of moving product to create a win-win.
As far as how to go about it....

That's funny because I just spoke to my brother last night and he was happy because he just got 'some replies'. He just sent out the same request letter to 10 or 15 places with pictures of his car, and apparently got called back yesterday.:cool:
I can't remember, but you've got my word, when I talk to him tonight I'll find out.