Spoolfool Bumper Filler

Bad luck

Jun 20, 2009
Spoolfool bumper fillers are the greatest. Fronts bolted on perfect, and on the back, I had to tweak a couple of the studs that was bent and it bolted up perfect. They cost a little more, but the no hassle was worth it to me. Also I had the rear damaged in shipment do to UPS handling, called Mike and he said send it back, so he e-mail me a prepaid shipping label to send it back, and he shipped out a new one the next day. Thanks Mike for the great service.
No doubt Mike makes the best fiberglass fillers on the planet. And he's a pretty ok guy to boot ;)
I have the rear filler on mine by myself with half ass tools took me an hr entire install. perfect fit great product well worth the money... keep up the great work