Sport Bike Tire questions..


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Jan 10, 2003
My dad has a 96' Kawasaki GPZ 1100. He's ran the dunlop 207 and the dunlop 220 tires and hasnt got the mileage he would of liked out of them. 5800 for the 207 and barely 5000 with the 220. He went for a ride today..on the 220...tire looked decent when he left....when he got back...after about 80 miles of was down to the steel belt in the center. So now he wants to try something different. He wants the best balance between sticky and high mileage. Any sport tour type tire should do...And his main concern is milage. What do you guys think? What do you guys run on your bikes? He's thinking about the Avaro ST. He's heard good things about it. anyone run these? any info will be helpful. Thanks.
I've always had good luck with Metzelers, good treadwear and pretty sticky unless you're dragging your knee.
I have a 929, This is my 4th street bike, and i think the Pilot sports are the smoothest tire I have ever had. I go through alot of tires and they last pretty long.