Spring rates for drag racing setups


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I will be posting here and in the drag racing section although it does not see as much action.

I was wondering if anyone could maybe shine some light on what type of spring rates they like to run on the TR when at the track. I am not too concerned with ride quality on the street, but my main concern is solid 60' and 1/4 mile times.

Hopefuly some people will devulge their secrets.
My car is not a 60' monster by any means (high 1.3's) but I have had the best luck with well seasoned '86 TR springs. I had Moroso drag springs on the car but they did not last too long. Within a few years the front end was sitting on the bump stops. Not sure what the spring rates are but I have been told that the '86 cars sat lower than the '87 cars.
The problem guys get into with the Moroso Trick springs is that they cut them down to obtain the ride height they want without letting them settle first. The idea is leave these taller springs in and let them settle to your desired ride height which in turn stores more energy to shoot the car up on the launch for weight tranfer.
do you mean the lightest spring rate for both the front and rear?

Can someone explain to me why i want really light weighted coils in the rear. I am sure too little pressure will cause the body to come crashing down on hard launches wouldn't it?
Yes the lightest both front and rear. The reason being better compliance going down the race track. Also light springs in the front store more energy for better weight transfer. You control the body coming down with the shock. If and when you have issues with too high wheel standing you then also control that with the shock and front limiters.