ssbc brake kit - rotors, drop spindles, calipers, springs


Jun 6, 2003
ssbc brake kit - rotors, drop spindles, calipers, springs, pads

ssbc brake kit - huge upgrade over stock - bolts right up without chaning your spindle if you dont wanna, or use the 2" drop spindle I have included.

selling because I am moving to B-body spindle with qa1's.

Since it fits stock setup No need for aftermarket a arms.
It works about twice as good as stock.

send me a PM. I have the SSBC heavy duty sloted rotors, sport 10 calipers and awesome pads, all the stuff less than 2 seasons old, maybe 3000 miles total. Basically brand new. Its yours if you want it so speak up now.

Performance Disc Brake Search Results from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) - calipers

Performance Disc Brake Search Results from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) - rotors

BELLTECH Sport Trucks - GM | Cars - 2" drop spindles and the springs that come with them.

Belltech Lowering Coil Springs: BEL-5100 - - springs and spindle are over $350.00 this is a good deal for somebody reading this post.

$625 shipped takes it all to your door. All these parts are less then 3K miles and a serious bolt on upgrade.

let me know. Pay pal is good.
These parts are still for sale.

I didnt get a chance to put pictures up last night (new puppy).

I will get pics tonight of the stance of the car, and the equiptment.

The calipers are natural raw finish aluminum. Looks great with T wheels.
Again, this would be well over $1K if you bought everything new.
Lastly - the ride height of my cars fender on level ground is 24" with my front tires being 23.5" tall. Front air damn is 8" off the ground.

Probably around a 1.5" drop, but done correctly.


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I am also including brand new in the wrapper ball joints with my shipping price, so when you change your spindle, you will also have a nice new balljoint for both sides - uppers and lowers.


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OK lets do this.

drop spindles, ball joints, and springs -

$200 shipped.

Calipers, rotors, pads -

$425 shipped.

Let me know who wants what?
If you still have the drop spindles and springs let me know. Ill take them. I dont need the ball joints but if you want to ill take them. Let me know.

Quazzy has commited to the suspension only. I am awaiting payment. Slow 87 is next if I don't get payment shortly.

The brakes - rotors, pads, calipers are still available.
Quazzy hasn't sent the moola yet, so Slow 87 if you want them I will give quazzy until tonight to commit. Money speaks.

Slow 87, if quazzy doent speak up, there yours, paypal me.