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I know the numbers for the 3.8 and 4.1 STG2's. I have a guy that has a chevy 4.3 Stg. 2 for sale. I was wondering if this is a legitimate block or what. He said that after the 4.3 on the side, there are two "I's" after it. Roman numerals I guess... Anybody know anything about a Bow Tie stage 2 block? I guess I should be over at SyTy asking this, but I'm lazy like that. Anyway, any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
No such thing as a stage 2 block. The bowtie series blocks ARE the equivelent of the buick stage 2 blocks. Get the casting number off the block. There are a half dozen different chevy bow tie V6 blocks.
Cheebbyy Stage 2??

Coptzr, I looked at the latest info I have on the Bowtie v-6 stuff. No mention of a "stage 2" deal. :rolleyes: I think he's talking of the Bowtie stuff. Is this an old ASA or Busch engine??
If so, they are all odd fires and some could be a bastard "semi even fire". Certainly NOT something you want to try to fuel inject!! BTDT:eek:
I've seen alot of them for sale for $1500 and there were no takers!!:cool:

Back under my rock:D [Lurking in the shadows awaiting an unsuspecting "moostwang" to be the next hapless victum!!]

CU at Reynolds. !!:cool:
This one is only $300. I'll see if I can't get the casting numbers. Thanks for the input guys.
Interesting detail in (of all places) Turbo mag this month: They have an article on a Focus race car that uses a Ford SVO V6 that's an oddfire. After some initial trouble trying to get a computer controlled ignition to work on it, they went to two Electromotive EFI systems set up for 3 cylinders. :) Kind of an odd approach, but I guess it works. I assume they set it up w/two crank trigger sensors and identical fuel and timing maps in both. No way in hell I'd spring for two Felpros for something like that though! :eek: