Stage 2 On-center Champion heads

Otto J

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Im trying this again and HOPE there will be no useless posts or people jumping in if they are not interested

My motor is a RPE built 153 on center block cross bolted front and rears
3.625 BMS Crank,Oliver Rods,Diamond pistons
RPE Spec Solid Roller cam,matched springs and pushrods.Danny Bee Cam retention setup.
Heads are Champion "R" heads fresh from RPE also,All ARP Head studs,cometic head gaskets
They have T&D Shaft mounted rockers(Not the cheap ones)Valve Covers are Champion RPE Racing Engines.
Oil pan is a stock style made deep, baffled with external pickup and complete Duttweiler oil pump assembly with remote filter mount with filtered turbo feed.
BHJ Balancer,JW flexplate.
HR parts motor mounts
BGC ported intake with 70 mm throttle body and spacer

Motor has gone 9.20s @ 151.99 with an 80mm turbo at 3560#s

The motor will have one sleeve from a badly burnt piston.
There is also a repaired area from a front end collision the engine had in an ARCA car before i owned it.
It had solid motor mounts and it had a small crack at the engine mount area on the drivers side of the block.(the crack was not in a area that will compromise the structural integrity of the block)
It was professionally nickel welded and repaired and it is not an Issue at all according to my engine builder (RPE)
If it was he would not have built the block in the first place.

12,000 fresh and ready

Trades considered,What do you have??