stage II block or 109

Howling Mad said:
A TA aluminum block over a stage block? On a street car?... wild man...

My best Buick buddy runs a ta motor in his wife's street gn. 11.0s @ 138 on 17psi with a lazy footbrake launch. They take it to all the local car shows and even a couple of cruises every year. 76mm turbo, 160lb injectors, and no cage. It is wild on the street. He runs a sII in his race car though.
Race car and no roll cage? Like playing Russian Roulette isn't it? Hope he doesn't have kids. Losing a husband is bad enough......losing a dad is stupid beyond thought. I'm sure they're nice cars and haul butt ..........but......insane to drive it like that.
His race car is certified and caged but the ta car is just a street car. Some have different definitions of what that means.