Stage II Rods and pistons

Black Sheep

Sep 21, 2005
Set of 6 Crower 6.5" wide journal rods, less than 25 passes. One rod has never been ran it was made to the correct weight of the set by Crower, the other 5 have been checked by Dan @ DLS and was given a clean bill of health $900+shipping

Set of 6 JE pistons 4.034 bore $400+shipping
Have any more info on the pistons? Compression height? Passes? Pin size? Thanks,Phil.
I've got the build sheet for the pistons in front of me so...

Dish depth .280
Comp. Dist 1.205
Int .200 10 deg
Exh same plane 10 deg
Valve pocket depth measured from Deck

Pin Dia .927
Pin length 2.950

These have around 40 passes on them.