stainless steel braided trans hose


pushing stock limits
Thinking about changing the factory transmission lines over to stainless steel braided hose. I read a few old threads on this and found that some had run the ss hose in the frame rails to keep em' out of the way which sounds like a good idea. Think my factory lines might be giving me some false knock.

For those who have changed over, is there a kit available now with the ss hose and hardware for the tr?

And if not approx how much of the ss hose is needed to route the hose in the frame rail? I was thinking maybe 20' which would include plumbing in an additional trans cooler.

Anybody know off hand what size the brass female threads are in the trans? and if both (top and bottom) are the same size?

I was thinking the male threads on both ends of both trans cooler lines were 5/16".