Stainless Steel Upper Rad Hose


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Nov 9, 2009
Wanted: Stainless Steel Upper Rad Hose setup, the style with a single 90 degree bend is preferred. GN1 is out of stock,
Got my aluminum upper radiator pipe from GN1, wasn’t aware they also offered in stainless steel? 🤷‍♂️
I made mine with 3 90 degree black silicone hoses, and heat shrink "clamps."
Straight out of the thermostat to the 90 at the radiator, another run parallel to the radiator to another 90. I used aluminum short sections of tubing for the splices, and with the heat shrink hose "clamps", it looks almost like one continous hose.


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That looks slick, where did you get the all the parts from? Wana make a kit?
Just keep bugging them till they get one in for you, they look great when you use "Mothers" Mag & Aluminum Polish on it
I will look into procurement for the parts.
I wanted it to be clean and unobtrusive, not taking away from the turbo and its plumbing.
How come the alky nozzle is so close to the TB?
Where's the N2O nozzle?
Look mighty clean, and big too! What turbo and maf?
Thanks./ Julio suggested to keep the nozzle above the alky tank. Just completed upgrades- RJC 325 with piping, GN1 4" maf pipe and a Precision 6870 H cover dbb.