Stall speed question - HELP


Jul 13, 2001
Hey Folks:

No, I"m not going to ask "what's the correct stall speed for my combo". My question is related to the road manners the car will have once the mod is done. I run a TA51, THDP, 009's, regular fuel mods, big mouth cold air, jim testa chip, CAS stock location, etc.

As soon as the Christmas bonus arrives, part of it will be going to Bruce's 9/11 w/ 3000 stall speed.

Here's my question: I've never driven a car with a modified converter, so:

1. What will happen when I stand on the pedal from a stop (not brake torquing) - will it leave the line like it did with the stock turbo (smoking tires, much boost, etc) OR will it feel like a dog for fifty fee then cook the tires?

2. What will happen when I'm running, let's say, 55 mph, and I stand on it?

I'm basically trying to get an idea as to what will happen to the street manners of the car once the converter is installed because, so far, my turbo laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags with the stock D5 (I expected that).

Thanks guys.