Starting question


Apr 15, 2022
Being new to Turbo cars, what is the proper way to start our cars after sitting for a month or so?
Make sure the battery has a good charge, turn key to prime pump a time, two, or tree & start.

In the end it’s just a car. Turbo or not. They can sit for a bit of time & be just fine.
Turn key to AUX on but not cranking over, you should hear the fuel pump priming. Then turn key off and repeat. For only a month with the battery charged you should be good to start it. Mine sat for 18 years and I used this same procedure.
Thanks guys, so no pumping the gas pedal like I do in my 71 GS? I guess that's why I had trouble starting her. I usually do what you said and she starts right up. Because it sat for a while I pumped it a little and that just screwed it up, it back fired and took awhile to star probably flooded it. Running good now, thanks for the reply and information, I'll remember now.
Nope. Not with fuel injection. Just turning the key to AUX will prime the pump. Should be able to hear the pump whine for about 5 seconds or so.