starts in second gear!



what causes the tranny to start in second, yet when put in neutral then back to drive it starts in first. I just replaced the boost valve and it shifts nice and firm. Manually it works fine but it does not shift down to first automatically.

All points to the govenor. When you go to "N" it resets the gov oil, thats why it takes off in low. Ck to see if there are two springs on the govenor. If so, remove large weight spring. Most of the time this will cure.

If you made a mistake on the boost valve & got the inner piston of the valve upside down like I did you`ll have max line all the time (at least I did). Mine did about the same thing no downshift to 1st & some other weird stuff. Good luck!!!!

I have the very same problem. Mine downshifts to first fine when cold, but when it gets hot it wont.

bruce, I removed the spring from the large weight on the governor and readjusted the TV cable and seems to work correctly. Shift points are just right for me and nice and firm. As a matter of fact I thought I heard the tires bark. I can't thank you enough for all your help and suggestions.

I have the very same problem. Mine downshifts to first fine when cold, but when it gets hot it wont.
I have noticed that my car does the same exact thing.
When it is cold, the tranny downshifts into 1st. When it warms up, it doesnt want to. Starting off in 2nd with a larger converter has to be very tasking on the tranny.
What did this turn out to be? A TV adjustment?
One or two clicks softer on the tv cable may help this if the tv adjustment is putting the system to far up on the pressure curve vs. the at idle throttle position.

If you have access to a trans pressure gauge you can get a better idea of what is happening by watching the at idle in gear pressure and the pressure rise as you increase throttle opening.

Years ago I had these issues when we were learning how to make a 200r4 live and we were trying different pressure springs and boost valves....the second gear starts for mine was always related to an elevated system pressure.

Is this a new trans build or did this just start?
I will adjust tv cable first. Its not a brand new build. I have had that TV cable off a few times for various reasons, so that may be the culprit.
A pressure gauge should always be used to verify the pressures. Min, max, and rise.

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Mine has done that a few times, always the same situation prior to it happening. Take off like normal shift to second and roll into it hard then the very next light it will start in 2nd. If i lower the shifter to 1 it goes into first and works like normal after that. Weird....