Starts, runs but shuts off


I have an 87 TR and I have just put a new timing chain on. I have set the crank sensor, put a new cam sensor in and did all the adjustments. The car starts right up but will not keep running. I can start all day lone but it will die in about 10 seconds. I have checked the cam sensor and re gaped the crank sensor but the problem still exists. Fuel pressure is at 42. Has anyone had a problem like this? Have I left anything out? Thanks
Check all your hoses (air) to make sure everything got hooked back up and clamped down.
starts, runs, dies.

To all that responded, I have fixed the problem. I thought I could not hook up the maf sensor and still run the car. NOT, put everything back together and started today and runs, purrrrs,. Tomorrow I will install fan, and coolant and road test. Thanks all for all seggustions and responses. without this form,all a guy can do is guess. Thanks Again. Where can I get a tweek chip for a stock motor that will better perform the hyperchip?