Static noise in radio


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May 24, 2001
I installed a 1995 Delco CD in my T. There is some static in the speakers when I am adjusting the volume.

I did not have this problem with the factory casette.

What is causing this in the radio and is it easy to fix?


Anal TR owner

Get a can of electronic contact cleaner and pull out the know and spray inside and turn the knob at the same time, make sure you dont spray too much.
Tune into a staticy station, then unplug the antenna with the volume up and listen for static. If it goes away it is in the antenna connections.

Does the static go up and down with engine rpms?
It sounds like the pot on the volume control knob is dirty. Sometimes you can clean it and it will work but most of the time it won't.
The noise I have does not correlate with the engine RPM. It does it if I have the accesory key on.

To me (not an electronics guru) I would say that I should try some spray that was suggested as it sounds like the noise is coming from the volume control.

Where can I get the spray? Radio Shack?