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LT1 Regal

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Dec 22, 2003
I have a standard 86 regal, and I want to replace the steering box with a quick ratio. Does anyone know any part numbers, codes, or type of vehicles I can find one in? Or if anyone has one laying around for sale, that would be great too. Also, what are the different ratios that are available for steering boxes that will work in our cars?

Thanks in advance.
3rd generation Camaro and firebirds are a bolt in. Just count your steering wheel turns from lock to lock. Find one with less turns on the F bodies. Not much else on ID.
Not to run to far off topic but -
John - Does our steering system have a rag joint (I'm to lazy to look). Mines getting a little sloppy and I've already swapped/adjusted the box. Just corious and I figured you'd know.

I have a Gear box and Lower steering shaft (w/ rag joint) out of my Totalled 84 GN For Sale. Drop me an E-mail and maybe we can work something out!

Thank You
Scott, Our cars do have a rag joint. Its the coupler that ties the steering shaft into the gear box. The only way to change it is to replace the lower half of the steering shaft. Easy job, just remove the 2 bolts and colapse the shaft. Also check the vibration joint up towards the firewall as the rubber boot will split and all the goo leaks out. The lower rag joint is the same as 3rd gen Camaro but the intermediate shaft(with the vib joint) is G-body only.

Eric Fisher

BTW the good steering boxes are found in IROCs,Z/28, Formula,GTA and Trans Ams with 16" wheeels
Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know if the boxes in a grand national are constant or variable? I just want a box that has tight steering and does not feel like I am steering a school bus.
LT1, I have a 60,000 mile 87 GN box, that I could part with. Shoot me an email or PM and we'll talk.