stereo stuff


turbo swimmer
Mar 2, 2003
i'm not dead set on stilling this just yet but i think soon i will have to get rid of it, so better to sell it early than late.

i have a sony xplode 1,200 watt (it it watts or amps? i'm not a stereo guy...) and 2 xplode 12" subs in a nice box. i'll include all the wires from the battery back, the fuse, anything else i find that looks like it belongs with it.

I blew out my speakers in my new regal and when i replaced them i also did the subs just because i wanted a better quality sound, and it did help but its way too much for what i wanted. i keep the selector around a 3, it goes to a 10. the place that installed it set it at a 6, they said thats about where the average person likes it, so it was far from abused, acually it was barely used.

I don't know what to ask for it, i paid $600 for it and some speakers, i want to say the amp and subs were somewhere around $400. I won't refuse a decent offer.