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Rick the pool guy

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Feb 7, 2017
So I was out enjoying the T it was about 60 degrees nice cool night and bam out of nowhere a set of HID headlights blinding me in my rearview mirror ,so I decided to create some space and which I did and 15 seconds later back on my ass again and I'm saying to myself maybe he's studying to be a proctologist ,so once again I hit the space pedal so this goes on for about a mile or two this guy just being a complete jackass he won't quit, and then it happened the Buick gods were smiling upon me the light just turned red and lo and behold 2 open lanes no one in front of us I'm in the left lane he's in the right and I'm going game on I was ready to just crush this guy so as I'm footbraking at the light waiting for it to turn green 2 lb of boost on tap ready to go and then the guy decides to blow the red light and I'm like really so the light turns green as I passed him the look on his face was priceless and then I decided to be a smart-ass I gave him the toodle-loo wave with me going Yoo-hoo it was absolutely hilarious