Stick with my TE-62 or upgrade??


Livin' Like A Refugee
May 24, 2001
Building a new 109 for my GN. Most likely will be a stock bore/stroke 109 with ported irons and intake. Have a 210/215 roller cam ready to go in. Currently running a TE-62 with a PTE .63 housing and a ProTorque 32-3400 stall billet 9.5" convertor. Was very responsive on the street and went 11.32 @ 118 at full weight.

Should I stand pat with my trusty TE-62 or upgrade? Maybe a Garrett housing? If i do upgrade it wont be for a while as most of my funds are going to the engine build. Just looking for options here and advice. Hoping Brian will chime in here.

Thanks guys.

That turbo will go 10.6 easily. If planning on going 125+ keep the PTE housing. The Garrett housing will help spool up. If you are happy with it now, leave it alone. The Garrett housing will not make more power.