Still the fastest TA?

I think the 2001-02 TA's are faster/quicker stock. I've seen a couple in the 12s with nothing but some mileage on them. Granted you have to know how to drive it but I don't remember seeing any TTAs that went that fast stock. Of course, for a few bucks, a TTA can run 12s pretty easily :)
The LS1 will MPH more and ET depends on the driver...

But the TTA will kill it with almost no money in mods.
Not only have i seen it but I have it on video , 2 TTA's running in the 12's(12.70's) on the original gatorbacks runnig FACTORY STOCk at the 1990 NMCA event in Houston.

One car I know was completely stock.

Just send me your address and I will make you a copy of what I have on them and the names of the cars owners at that time. BTW they are both Hardtop cars!!!!