Stock crank


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Feb 18, 2005
How much punishment can the stock crank take? Mine is all std. with all stock bottom except for ARP main studs and rods bolts. Car is 99% street driven, but with the alky I feel she should turn mid 11s.
High 9's easy.

It's a hard question, but if the tune is right on the car they will take alot of abuse.

Good Luck
I've got a std. crank and over 600 passes on my motor from mid 11's to mid 10's so far, hope to pack another 200 or so on this year before I pull it to freshen it(and go forged crank/rods :) )

Sounds good. I was a little concerned since I was turning the wick up a little and heard about these crank's tendency to flex. Thanks guys.
The block and caps will fail before the crank without a girdle in place. Unless you detonate it. Anything could happen with detonation. If a stock crank breaks it usually has been heated by a bad rod bearing which changes the metallurgy or grabs the journal and it simply snaps the crank off.
A certain TSM vehicle has been 9.60@140 with a stock crank and iron heads. Girdled motor...

It's all in the tune...