Stock Gn wheel, car lowered 1.5 inches, Tire size??


Turbo LSX Trader
Hey Guys, I bought some stock wheels for my Gn because i like the look, It had sagy coils in the rear so I bought an Eibach spring set, It supposed to lower the car about an inch and a half, What size tire should I try, I have found mixed opinions on stock tire size? If its a 225/60r15 could I go with a 235/55R15 or something of that nature? What is a stock tire size on an 86 Gn? Sorry about the stupid Noo-b questions, This car is rather a mess and im just trying to iron it out! The car is just gonna get street driven, I bought boxed arms for the rear, 1" rear bar, 1 3/8" front bar, Eibach pro spring kit, which I was told was 1 to 1.5 inches lower and bilstein shocks. Just curious what rubber to use, I was thinking a little lower in the profile but im hoping to not have issues with rubbing!?!? Any help would be great! Thanks, Ryan