Stock rear Question??


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Jul 2, 2009
How much abuse will the stock GN rear take? I changed the fluid about 2 years ago and have raced a bunch of times and never had a problems.
along time. Trans Brakes do put major stress on the gears/axles. i would be more worried about the axles before the ring and pinion. once your at 1.60 60's i would look at getting some HD axles. 1.50's and faster that's something you will have to choose.
those are what we put in our 20K mile gn that runs 11.75's with 1.59 60's

As of right now there great. i like strange myself but moser will work.

What are your goals? low 1.50's 1.40's? if you don't want to rebuild the rear those will work great for now.

if you plan on T-brake launches and or harder launches you will have to decide.
The car runs Mid 11's, and my best '60 was a 1.60, and bunch of 1.68's and low 1.70's. My goals are low 1.60's and High 1.59's. The rear works perfect so should I race it, or wait till I get a few hundred bucks and get the axles?
IMOP your walking a fine line. yes you can race it but i have snaped a axle at 1.60.

now i know others have been faster but we just don't know when its going to let go. i was lucky to snap the axle at the line. made it to the 60' with the axle 3/4 of the way out of the car. tire smacked the quater panel and axel hit below the door. cost me a alot to have the car fixed but i was lucky not to crash hard. so your call, just know the risks of racing it at the track
Yea at $300 its not that bad, and is the install really hard? I have changed axles in trucks so am kinda familiar with it, but just curious...:cool:
Super quick change. pull the wheels and drums. pull the diff cover, pull the c-clips remove axles and reinstall. pretty damn simple.
order from one of our vendors, we need to support them. Call Cal hartline @ Untitled i know he has them or call one of your favorite vendors. When i ordered ours they asked what length studs i wanted etc and they shipped the axles with the studs ready to install.
Yea will def order em from a vendor...and would you happen to know what the stock stud lengths are? I am running the stock T wheels
Depending on how many miles

are on your rear axle, you may want to replace the axle bearings and seals,
as the bearings ride directly on the axle, if yours show signs of wear, replace them! also... now would be a good time to replace the diff cover with a HD/ cover support.
do it right one time, and save all the extra work.
good luck.
I don't want to hijack the thread but.... Moser offers 28 spline drop-in replacements, and they also offer 30 spline axles, and to run those you have to change out the posi.

I'm wondering what the 28 spline axles are good for, versus the 30 spline version.