stock rocker arms

butternut Ttype

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Aug 27, 2006
what are the limits of the stock rocker arms I am building my first 3.8L and the cam I am Installing has duration at .050 is 214 in @ 224 ex with .472 in lift @ 496 ex lift is that ok to use with stock rockers or do I need to step up to adjustable ones and also do you think their would be any valve to piston issues that I would need to check thanks
I used the 206 roller in my '86, it has .495 lift and I used the stock rockers with HD shafts from TA Performance. You have to get the correct length pushrods and shim the shafts to get the correct lifter preload.

just get the t&d's and never look back, you'll thank yourself in the long run, just my $.02