Stock rod strength?


Livin' Like A Refugee
How much power will the stock rods take? My motor is beginning to dry start and Im planning out my options. Probably do a stock crank with billet center mains and .020 over with JE pistons I think. Roller cam of some sort as well.

So am I gonna be able to reuse my original rods or am I adding them to the list?

I just want a good solid motor to run for a good long time in a mid-11 second street car, but I want a motor to handle a 10.8-9 if I want to turn it all the way up.



All depends on how much you detonate the motor. Failure is rare though especially if you have them re-sized, ARP hardware added, and rotating assy balanced. They are normally good down to 10's with a good tune and race gas.