stock turbo, kenne bell switches, rollmaster, pod w/ boost gauge,009's


Predator seeking its prey
Few more parts i no longer need....

Kenne Bell 6 switch panel- nice item that was designed to fit nicely in the ashtray spot. Connect up to six items and have it tucked away cleanly. All the switches work and light up fine. I just removed this from my GN. $30 shipped

Stock turbo for 86-87 TR- removed from a 50k mile car. Nice turbo with very little side to side shaft play. No in and out play. Turbo still has the original non-adjustable wastegate on it. $170 shipped

Rollmaster timing chain- removed from a car with less than 500 miles on it. I have the chain and upper sproket. I am missing the lower sproket. I'm sure someone out there can use this for something. $20 shipped

Nice grey single pillar pod with 30 lb VDO boost gauge. Also has three "idiot" lights that you can hook up to anything you choose. $50 shipped

(6) 009's 42.5 Lucas injectors with Reds 93 chip- couple hundred miles on these. They are like new and come with a 93 street chip. $190 shipped


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turbo and chain


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