Stock Turbo Shield Wanted

I was just about to start a thread looking for the same thing. Obviously BAGN gets first pick, but if more than one person has one to sell, I'm also looking. :wink:

I'm not too picky about it, I just need one that I can trim to fit over a bigger DP.
gnxs said:
I might have two in the garage, but I certainly have one.

$50 shipped.

Sounds good since I'm in Chicago. I'm just waiting for an email reply from Kirban to make sure this DP I bought definately needs a trimmed shield or not. I'll let you know ASAP.
i have one thats been cut for a aftermarket downpipe/ turbo dump. was chromed at one point, has some pitting $30

Kirban had like 3 of them, brand new in the box in his last newsletter, for $55 each plus shipping.
nos4gn-Turbo Heat shield

Don't know if you still need one, but there's a guy on ebay (nos4gn) who has one up for auction. He only sells new, nos parts for GN's and probably has more new/nos parts than anybody.