turbo blanket


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Jan 6, 2018
I'm constipating on getting a turbo blanket vs using my stock shield however I still use the internal wastegate... is there a turbo blanket available that will fit internal wastegate setup?
so you're contemplating the use of a turbo blanket. I've never been a fan of them. Many folks (vendors) discuss the pro's of them as they want to sell one to you. Rarely does anyone discuss the con's of a turbo blanket.

journal bearing turbo...ball bearing turbo...oil cooled...oil + water cooled...there's a lot to consider. See the video Reed did a few years ago. no need to type what a turbo builder has already said...

I would say my experience with my turbo blanket has been more on the positive side. One thing for sure when I am hitting on the car pretty good and I am ready to shut it down I let the car idle for a few minutes
before turning the engine off. Has worked great for me
no bad effects through the years here with turbo blankets.
We dont cover the center section
And I've run them on multiple turbos from single bb,duel bb,and triple bb.