stolen GN


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Feb 13, 2004
People are telling me that I will have to prove, to my insurance

co. that my car was a Grand National, I don't know why

because my agent has seen it many times. Commets anyone?

peggy branan
Peggy would you please tell us a little more about your car ..the what happen, where it happen , year , look likes , pics , ect ect....

I will also send this thread to the lounge to get more aswers to your questions.

As nicely as possible, remind him that you are innocent until proven guilty in a United States of America court of law. If they insured it as a Grand National then they must have believed it to take your money and payments in turn. Sounds like a little dictator is handling your account; go above him/her and end the playing around.

Your vehicle registration will have the VIN on it. 8th character should be 7 indicating 3.8 turbo engine. Also color should be on registration. If it's black, then let him figure out what 1987 black turbocharged Regal it is. With 20,000 GNs produced in 1987, it's a safe bet you're telling the truth (that it's not a Turbo T or WE4) based on documentation.