Street driving with FAST ?'s


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Sep 10, 2003
Do any of you guys drive your cars on the street with a FAST system? I am considering a FAST but like to drive my car quite a bit. I run nothing but race gas at all times even when street driving. The main thing I am curious about is the wide band sensor. I know that leaded fuel kills the sensors and that they are expensive. Does the sensor need to be in the exhaust stream at all times? Is the sensor required for the FAST to operate? Or can I remove the sensor and place a plug in the bung?

I am also considering using the stock ECM as I am now and purchasing the Innovate wideband O2 to use for tuning and racing. Obviously since this is a stand alone unit that does not affect the ECM, it can be removed at any time (like when street driving).

Thanks for any feedback.
You can remove the WBO2 from the exhaust with the FAST if you wish. Once you get it tuned well, there really shouldn't be much if any difference in how it runs in open loop vs. closed loop.

The Innovate a/f meter is also a cool product. The FAST will likely be much easier for you to tune than the stock ECM but I think you would be pleased with the results of either plan.
I been running my '96 Z28 with FAST on the street now for 2+ years and am very happy. For the most part the car is very streetable.

If you're nit-picky about all aspects of drivability, like I am, you may find yourself always looking to get that perfect tune and always trying new stuff.
I've had my wide-band removed for the past 3000 miles or so. Still drives very well.

I think I've gotten the tune as close as humanly possible, and the O2 was typically correcting 3% or less, so I took it out. No problems.

-Bob Cunningham
I drive mine on the street and love it. I find the idle to be better than with any chip I had in the car and there were many. I may toy with removing the WB if I plan to drive it a lot to extend it's life.
Night Train, How do you like that CPT65 with the 3200 and if you don't mind me asking, how much boost and timing were you running for that 11.51 in your sig.
P.S. sorry to hijack....
Driving without the wb will result in a alot less mpg, as it is constantly correcting and on decel you would lose that -25 % correction, but it can be done.
BoostKillsStres -- I love the 3200 stall with the 65. I had used it with the 44 before that and it was better than my red stripe on the 44. The 11.5 run was at 20-21#s of boost and 24 degrees of timing. Since I don't have a roll bar, I have to stay within IHRA limits. I love my combo. Running down the track is almost like a drive in the country -- very repeatable. If I get a bar and want to lean on it, I believe I could hit high 10's.
I've been driving my FAST equiped turbo 5.0 mustang daily for over 8 months now, system seems basically unaffected from weather changes ie 0 degrees etc.

BUT the system is only as good as it operator, so if you dont have good knowledge of engines air/fuel/timing demands you may have some trouble gettin it iron'd out

Good Luck
I have the FAST system on a Pontiac 455. Been driving it regularly for almost 2 years, and have had no real problems that couldn't be corrected by tuning.