Street outlaws

Just watched it and I think he would have had the win until the car started moving around. Nice job anyway.
I was getting ready to ask if that was Dusty Bradford from PTC.

Unfortunately if it is since he lost to that nitrous Maverick.
That was awesome, fun to see that Buick go! Good job either way Dusty!

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Just finished watching. All I can say is:

Yes that was me. Great time filming the show and getting to see how it works. I had slim to no chance of winning but didn't want to pass up the opportunity. I was notified on a Wednesday that I needed to be in New Orleans on a Saturday if I wanted to be on the show. I ordered slicks and the longest travel shock I could find and I put a loose converter in the car to try and kill some of the power. The location wasn't told to us ahead of time to give us a chance to test on the street Friday night I went to a local track Friday night just to see how low I can run my boost and get a decent launch. After a couple launches I loaded up and made the 7hr trip. I lost the coin toss and was put in the left lane which is narrow when your trying to skate 1200hp down a road. Even on 8psi and with 15 degrees of timing pulled from the timing map I still couldn't get it to hook once it came off the sticky part of the road so I crossed the centerline.

Just for reference I went to a track to see what my tune up guess would run. It went 1.27 60' and 5.28 at 143 which is a 8.10 or so in the 1/4. I was surprised the car launched that hard on the street and feel confident I could have made it stick the entire race if I had enough room for extra ballast in the trunk. We were not allowed any loose ballast (they noticed the 100# sand bags I had ready to load up)
Seems like the show makes sure the NO guys have a big home field advantage.
They have probably been down that road a 100 times and know exactly how much power the road can handle.
I don't remember seeing the NO guys go on the road to other states like the the OKC guys did, probably because Ky would be the only one to win their race.
They seemed to have a lot of respect for Dusty's car and were lucky it didn't stick.
Nice showing Dusty!!
I enjoyed the show Dusty, thanks! Very cool to read your post above after watching the show too.
Was very cool to see Dusty! You will get em next time.Dusty is famous now! Can I get your autograph :D
. . . Even on 8psi and with 15 degrees of timing pulled from the timing map I still couldn't get it to hook once it came off the sticky part of the road . .
8 PSI boost and 15 down on timing?
Is my understanding correct? If so . . . . DAMN!

Nice job Dusty. Nothing but respect.
Just watched it. Nice job Dusty. Big home court advantage there for them. I think if you had another shot at it and more prep, the results would be quite different.

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LOL guys. Thanks.

It was like that for the OKC guys as well. They use the home court advantage and the element of surprise when they travel. They make sure your interested but you only have a couple days notice so there really no time to prepare. In our case they wouldn't even tell us the location. We figured it would be at the pad and planned to test Friday night but was told they were moving the filming location elsewhere....but they didn't. And they all tested on Friday night. We knew the deck was stacked against us but it was more about the experience.

The cars on the show with us are 5.30-5.40 cars on the street. I had never had my boost under 14psi when it ran 4.81 at 153 so I just guessed 8psi which is what I usually launch at would be close. To further kill it I pulled 15 degrees of timing and was really aiming at just going a-b and hoping it was enough. If I made a clean pass and got out run I was fine with that. I had no idea it would still be to much power for the road and was surprised when I tested it at the track that it still went over 140mph.
Thanks for sharing that Dusty.
Great showing nonetheless and at the track the outcome would have been different for sure . . . But like Kye said: This is concrete.
Just watched it last night. Good job. The maveric was all over the road too. I see no one mentioned the Buick powered Ratsun!