stupid joke



This so'le couple was going into the airport when they saw the sign "Airport Left". They turned around and went home.


My boss told me that today...I started buss laughing!!

Post yo loco kine jokes too!
another one:

There was an ambulance going past KPT. As soon as the ambulance passed KPT, they saw a samoan guy running after the ambulance. The guys in the ambulance wondered why this guy was chasing after they stopped. The samoan guy caught up with them. He ran up to the door and asked "Eh...You still get ice cream?"
what did the filipino lady's boob say to the other boob?

Left boob: Eh?
Right boob: What?
Left boob: I teenk we betta get some support or else people going teenk we nutz.

One portagee guy hooked up with this gorgeous babe at the club. After dancing all nite with her, he asked her if she'd like to go back to his place and do the nasty. She says she'd really love to, but she's on her menstrual cycle right now. So he says no problem, I came on a moped, I'll follow you!

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