Stupid Stupid Fool!!!

Big Paul

Bob Barker
Dec 9, 2001
Theres a guy in my town thats been ridin' around in a old Stank. I say its a '88 or so. The car is all primered up, has some actually good lookin wheels on it, but what makes me laugh everytime I see/hear it, is his sh*tty 4 banger Stank exhaust blarrrin all over town. The damn thing sounds like a normal H*nda sh*tter can.

Well, I was going to a friends house, who lives about 3 blocks away from this guy. I'm going down our main road, its dark about 7:00, and i'm sitting at the turn light and this guy comes scootin in behind me.

I laugh again at recognition of this bozo, and make the turn at the green and while i'm turning he's on my ass and when we finish the turn he gets in the next lane and him and his buddy look at my truck and laugh.

I thought "you motherf*cker, i'm gonna beat your a$$." I was pissed at this biznatch for being a cocky mfer'.

I was doing about 30 and he was doing the speed limit (40) the next lane over and about 4 cars up. No one was in front of him, but I had a car in front of me. So I switched lanes, and got on his a$$, I stayed like that (even though I coulda passed) and saw that the lane up at the lights were clear, and were red.

I get in the other lane and slow to the light. I stop, rev, and he revs back. I didn't even look over, but I knew it was on.

I had it revved to about 2500, and dropped when the light went green, I spun em for about 20ft. he grabs (surprising for all that 4 banger power) and i'm still a 1/2 a car ahead while spinnin.

I grab, and head off, I got a good 2 car length after the 1-2 shift, and I thought "damn my 3rd gear sucks" so I was worried at the 2-3 shift, and that he'd gain a lil bit. But he didn't, it stayed that way, and I just threw it in OD, and let her rip, by the time we got to the next light it was a good 4-1/2 to 5 car lead.

I let off, and so does he, I get back to the speed limit and so does he. I turned off, and felt good, he pissed me off, and I had to show him what his f**d was made of.

Today I saw him outside sittin in his car, and gave him a rev and a hard look as I drove by his house. He looked back, with sort of a shameful/i'm gonna get you look. HEHEHE:p

If this was a 5.0 pos, I'd understand, but this guy. I've never seen such a piece of work! Plain ricer mentality if ya ask me!
LOL! sounds like a guy at my school! he had this beat on 4 cylinder LX. he put salene body kit, HUGE wing, clear tales, flowmasters, GT wheels, (soon after he switched to smaller 14 or 15 inch chrome kregan wheels, and even worse, IT WAS AUTOMATIC and he would drive it like it was a stick, letting his foot off the gas and than shiftin up manually the way us buick guys do during a race. i think he totaled it or somthing. what a beater!!!!!! only thing worse than japaneez rice is american rice!!