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Man I have had this amp in my locker for awhile now. I have been through 2 dead beat Ebay bidders and no luck trying to sell it on here once before, but I guess I will try again.

Rockford Fosgate Power 800a2. Now this isnt the cheaper punch series amp this is the good power series.I believe best buy sells the punch series 800 for about $600. I want $315 for it shipped to your door. The certificate that came with this amp said it put out 960 watts at 13.3 volts or some thing. Now a car when it is running puts out over 14 volts, so the amp out put power goes up with it. Dont be fooled by pumped up ratings either. I have run some Orion Cobalt series amps that supposedly put out more power but trust me they didnt come close. The cross over in this amp is alot better than the Orion was (alot tighter less fuzzy sounding on my subs) and this amp was pounding my Boston Acoustics 12.5 pro subs. I only did a test run on this amp of about 10 minutes so it is as close to brand new as you can get. I am not running this amp my self because I decided to go with a class D mono block amp (Rockford Power Bd1000a1). Please be careful though if you want to buy this amp because It will easily destoy a cheap pair of subs! The Best way I can explain it is that the Rockford power amps have a whole lot of ass behind them and really try tend to drive through when the sub hits. I guess it like the difference between trying to punch some thing and trying to punch through some thing ( its easy to create the voltage to get a sub moving in one direction but its hard to produce enough current to maintane that voltage so you can really make the sub hit hard). If your interested and would like to talk to me personally about this amp feel free to call me at work between 2pm to 10pm mon-fri @ 309-664-4632, ask for Jason

Thanks: Jason
Post a pic of amp or e-mail me a pic if you would please. Also what condition is the heat sink, I am not fond of scratches or dings. Thanks.
This amp is brand new and is in as new condition. I only did a 10 minute test run on it. Then stored it in my locker at work sence then.

Thanks: Jason


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