Support your vendors (long, but needed to be said)


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Jun 21, 2001
Hey guys, I feel the need to post this because I have noticed a real trend in the hotair trade in the past 7 or 8 years. I bought my 84 gn back in 1993 and was told by all of the intercooled guys that I was wasting my time and money fooling with this set up. I take this as an insult to my abilities and a personal challenge. I am not flaming the 86-87 croud, but I would like to see a lot more "HOT" hotair cars out there. They are almost non-existent. I couldn't even get a good chip for my 84 back when I started with this thing. The best I could do was Hypertech(what a joke.) Now, there are vendors out there that have put time and effort into the hotair parts that feel no support from the market (us.)
I just got back from a 2300 mile round trip to see Jay (TurboMotion) in Sarasota. He has dedicated a huge part of his business to a design that makes these cars flat out fast. Whether it be his v3 or v2 and I/C. He makes his living by giving us what we want for our cars. I think we need to show a little support.
I don't want to be on a soap box, but if we dont create a market they wont create a product. I for one love my car and truly appreciate anyone that is willing to help in my quest for ultimate Mustang domination. Think about it, A world without Hotairs. Pretty scary to me. Just a thought.
I cannot agree more with you on the intercooled guys giving us a hard time. All i heard from those guys at the track was that I was wasting my time trying to go fast with my car, and like you I took it as an insult.
I unfortunitly have never seen another hotair on the street or at the track, so it is easy to see why there is not alot of support for after market parts and I think it is great what jay (turbomotion) is doing for our cars . when I get the money I plane to buy all I can from him.:D
A smile always works...

I have never received any harrassment from other turbo Regal owners (the intercooled crowd) except in the chat rooms and the posting board. They can hide behind a keyboard.

If anything the intercooled crowd has been nothing but supportive of my goals, modifications, and efforts. Wow! I can understand the frustration of attempting to find parts that fit and work on the '84/'85 turbo Regals. As for attempting to find chips that will work for these cars that isn't a problem anymore if your willing to convert to the '87 ecm. Exhaust pieces have existed for awhile (you'll have to pay good money for the stainless stuff). Turbo's have been a popular modification - are you willing to get your hands greasy and twist some wrenches?

IMO I think there is plenty of information out there to assist others in making the popular modifications to their '84/'85 car. I guess it's an issue of sharing that information. I encourage folks to join the Hot-Air Website and share their detailed information with others. You'll see information on the V2 intake, and also Spearco's intercooler conversion. If more information is forwarded I'll get the information posted.

I agree with our assisting our vendors. Some of us have already made those pricey purchases and shown our loyalty. I encourage the "Hot-Air" community to make their involvement known in many areas. Participation is key! Some of us have attempted to provide avenues to make the hobby easier on others via the sharing of information hoping it will assist the betterment of our hobby. Get involved! See something that can assist - write it up!

It looks like we can make our community a better one, but it takes support.
The "Hot-Air" Website

If you have additional commentary you do not wish to post here but want to ensure you are heard loud and clear please send it to:]"Hot-Air" turbo Buick website e-mail[/EMAIL]
said perfectly

i agree 1000%, maybe i would be more of a participant if i had money and actually bought and supported them :)
I think at one point or another we hear something about you don't want to do that to a hot air, until you get in a good pass then see their expression change. I too was discouraged from trying to make mine a 11 second car (should be next season no problem with the correct shift points in place) and now I get encouragement. What really helps is we have a hot air following in this area and we all support each other and try to get everyone going. Men in black is the reason I even bought my hot air, beside the fact there wasn't a lot of them made and to have such a rare car and then get it to go fast, what a rush. I think a great deal of the support comes from this board. For everyone who told me no, there was men in black and louie saying you can do this. Make it happen. We aren't a 100% there but when it's all said and done we are on the right track. I also have to thank Lee Thompson, who also provided a ton of information and encouragement. I think as a whole we do stand behind our vendors and support them when it counts. Let's see some 10's!!! That's the ultimate goal. :D :cool:
Everyone gave me ****. I think "their" prediction was 16.50's for my first run. It ran a 9.300@75mph, and then my 8.8. "They" havent said anything since.

If my job ever gets me enough hours so I can actually get something saved up, im buying. Jay and Dave know I support all of their past and present efforts 100%.. it just sucks that I cant buy anything to put these words into action.
Everyone gave me ****. I think "their" prediction was 16.50's for my first run. It ran a 9.300@75mph, and then my 8.8. "They" havent said anything since.

1. Nick... I think the reason nobody said anything is because those type of posts only create an opportunity for somone to get their toes stepped on or for negative commentary to get thrown about.

2. Have you noticed what I have noticed? Very few folks willing to engage in offering an opinion? The reason... reread paragraph #1.

- To run a 16.50 or slower is easy... blow an o-ring, have a tranny act up, and add altitude to the equation (you lose a second up here). My car was running 98 mph at 16.50. Makes you wonder what it would have ran if healthy.