Suspension ideas need HELP>>?<<


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Dec 12, 2003
Ok, I wanna redo the suspension on a 113,000 mile Gn. its a daily driver and will obly see the track once every 3 months or so. I was thinking the folowing
1) Uppers and Lowers .... METCO?? Maybe but a little pricey or should i just box them out myself?
2)Air Bags, Do I need them??
3) Pinion Snubber, is this needed?
4)Springs, but from who>? should i go lower?
5) Bilsteins, that the only thing I am set on.
6) Poly kit for the front end.

I think thats about it for a resto of the suspension, any idea's?? Other things I would need, maybe Suggestion on what to get and where.
Thanks in advance MATT
Good idea with the polyurithanes up front, that really tightens up the car big time. PITA to install though, used the south side lift bars instead of metcos. They seem to work fairly well
kill the air bags and pinion snubber,go with the metcos,#4,5&6 are good upgrades just add a good swaybar out back and some drag radials.
Looks Like
1) Uppers & Lowers, by Metco
2) ATR Sway or something like it out back, what about up front?
3) Springs, Still dont know who to go with on that?
4)Poly Kit for the Front end
5)Bilsteins at the all Four
Seems like a fairly stout street set up, performance at the strip should be purty good aswell.
Thoughts on above please
Thanks Matt