Switch Pitch TH-400


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OK.... Since I truely believe my tranny is 2 steps to the door of JUNK-DOME, I've pretty much decided for the money, I'm tired of the 200-4R blues. This one was a tranny directly from Art Carr themselves which tells me, there is only so much the 200-4R is gonna take. I've decided on the switch pitch TH-400 from Postons I think, but was wondering if anyone out there was using this setup??? What kind of RPM's can I expect with the TC in low mode on the highways??? And I'm really interested in if I can put a transbrake (which are a dime a dozen for TH-400's) in this tranny, or does it have a special valve body for the switch pitch. I know there will be alot of people out there that say stick with a 200-4R, but I'm not gonna waste another $2K-plus on another one. I don't do much highway driving really, and it's just WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to hard to find good parts for what seems like GM's B*st*rd child tranny (200-4R).

But please... ANYONE with experience with the switch pitch version of the TH-400 I would love to hear your input (pro or con).

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No, you cannot put a transbrake on a switch pitch 400 Turbo. I have never run the Poston's version. I've run the ATI, and it was great. Holds up to 1800 horsepower if you get the right stuff.

If you bought your 200 4R from Art Carr in Reno, you shouldn't base your judgement of the 200 4R on that transmission. That bunch is NOT the real Art Carr. And I'm not at all impressed with their work.

All you have to do to check to see what your highway RPM is with a 400 is put your 200 4R in D instead of OD and go down the highway.

You could spend $1500+ getting a real good 400 switch pitch and getting it in your car. Why not call Bruce (WE4) and get a 200 4R from him?
I would think about a new 200-4R from Bruce, but I think I would be looking at about $3200 for one. $1995 for the tranny, plus the tranny I have is not a BRF so there would be a $600 core I wouldn't get (the $250 core for my non-BRF would barely make up the cost of shipping the core to him from here in Hawaii). Then I would also want the bat brake with it which is $495 for the brake and another $200 or so for the required deep pan.

But I can get the switch pirch TH-400 for $988 with the converter, and then another $90 or so for the yoke, and be done with it... Oh, I did get the current tranny through the actual Art Carr (actually ordered it through Jack Cotton then talked directly with Art Carr personnel so they could build it like I wanted). If I could find a 200-4R that can take the abuse for near the price of the t-400 I would jump all over it. I actually considered getting the FORD OD that poston's advertises for $1999 with the T-brake, but it doesn't have any automatic capabilities (only manual valve body), and I still want the Automatic functions....

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I understand your point, but you're comparing apples to oranges. Comparing the price of Bruce's Bat Brake race transmission to Poston's plain vanilla switch pitch 400 isn't a fair comparison. And the switchpitch will never have a transbrake. The 400 will never have a transbrake in conjunction with an automatic valvebody either. A more fair comparison would be the Poston's unit with everything you need to put it in, compared to Bruce's street and strip 200 4R with a billet drum and input shaft.

I'm not sure which Art Carr Jack Cotton is using. Better check your bill from Art Carr that came with the transmission, and make sure it says it came from California, and not Texas or Nevada. That's up to you.

Good luck, I hope you find something that satisfies you.