T-What, Dustin Eischens back from Iraq

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
I'd like to tell you guys that my very good buddy Dustin Eischens, our forum member "T-WHAT" has just returned from Iraq after serving our country for the last year. He arrived in Florida and has set up home there. He is in the process of getting Internet service set back up so I'm sure he'll be in contact with us soon. He's going out midwest tomorrow to visit his Dad then he'll be back.

I'm very proud of him for his service to our country. And I'm so damn glad he made it back in one piece, not like a lot of our brave boys who didn't.

So, just wanted to share the good news, as I was so happy to hear from him that I couldn't keep it to myself.

Hope Dustin will not bop me for announcing his arrival, I don't know if he wanted to tell you guys himself or not......I just HAD to let you guys know. It's a great relief to know when someone you care about survives such a dangerous job to make life as we know it, free.

I think he's in the process of selling his "T" and has bought a black '87 Grand National. ALRIGHT!!!! Hope I got that right, as I was in contact with him a lot while he was over there and I may have gotten it mixed up or something. I'm pretty sure he got the '87.

WELCOME BACK, DUSTIN, OL" BUDDY!!!!!!!!!;):D:biggrin::D:D:D:D:D

Bruce '87 Grand National
welcome back man, i know the feeling. Coming home and sitting down at a resturant and looking at the menu and your like damn thats a selection is a weird feeling. The little thinkgs man.

Thanks for serving. Wonder how much it has changed since i was there in 03
Thank you Dustin for your service to our country, God bless your brothers in arms and all your loved ones.